About Us

Teen and Tween girls go through so much during their adolescence, from puberty to womanhood in just a few short years.

And let's face it our girls have it especially hard today with the pressures of social media and society's ever narrowing beauty standards. 

This can also be a difficult and stressful time for parents and guardians raising young girls and finding it hard to help them navigate through this time in their lives.


Daily Affhermations was founded for one reason and that is to help parents and guardians give their girls the tools they need to learn to take care of their bodies and feel good about themselves inside and out.


Our founder, Amanda, struggled with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and severe depression during her adolescent years. Her experiences during those years affected her self image well into adulthood and motherhood. When she discovered and implemented the use of positive first person narrative affirmations into her daily routines her mental health and overall well being were significantly impacted. She became determined to find a way to introduce the ideals of positive self-talk to young girls during what can be one of the most difficult times they'll face on their journey through womanhood. This determination eventually lead to the conception of the Daily Affhermations brand.



Now, our purpose is to inspire Teenage and Preteen girls to make self care a lifelong habit while also creating awareness about teenage mental health. We believe that good skin care routines, proper body and feminine care as well as mental health maintenance are vital skills for girls to learn during their adolescence. Our range of high-quality bath and body care products are made with her in mind, using only safe, naturally derived and organic ingredients that will nourish her skin and keep her feeling confidently clean. We hope to encourage girls to prioritize their mental self care by featuring daily positive affirmations on all of our product labels.


It is our mission to help girls everywhere learn to take control of their self image by building self esteem through the use of daily affirmations so that they can grow into fiercely confident women.


A message to the young ladies currently traveling from girlhood to womanhood:


I hope you,

Discover your unconditional beauty.

Give yourself as much grace and kindness as you can.

Always know you are enough.

Realize your infinite power.

And never stop loving yourself.


With all my love,

Amanda D.